• Our clients

Our Clients

From novice to the most advanced trader, our clients all receive risk management tools, low commission rates, and superior customer service.

With experience and reliability underscoring everything we do, we are able to assist with all your individual, retail, corporate or institutional investment needs; from creating protection against adverse price movements, investing in multiple asset classes to live trading.






 Individual Traders (Novices to Professional)

  • Individuals who are new to the investment environment (people who have never traded and have limited knowledge).
  • Intermediate investors - Individuals who have some knowledge and/or have traded before and want to learn about derivatives or learn more regarding investing. Derivatives are a great addition to any existing portfolio.
  • Professional investors / traders wanting to hedge against adverse price movements on their existing portfolios or perhaps looking for a new advanced platform and wanting to take their trading to the next level.


Corporates (SMME's to Listed Companies) 

  • Corporations wanting to protect themselves against adverse price movements within asset classes, namely: Currency, Interest Rates, Commodities and Equity.
  • We assist corporations that have simple financial requirements to corporations with highly complicated financial requirements including swap, option strategies etc.




Hedge Funds and Trust Funds 
  • Hedge funds, trust funds and asset management companies looking for alternate financial instruments.