Frequently Asked Questions
Contact / Banking Details

What are your contact details?

Please send us an query via the website or contact one of our consultants directly

Landline: (011) 234 6570


Postal Address:

Corner House

Cnr 10th Avenue and Wessel Road



What are your office hours?

Office Hours

8:30 to 17:30

Outside Office Hours

Please feel free to send an email to

What are the market trading hours?

  • Equity Derivatives: 08:30 - 17:30 (MTM at 17:00)
  • Currency Derivatives: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Interest Rate Derivatives: 09:00 - 17:00
  • Agricultural Commodity Derivatives: 09:00 - 12:00
  • International Commodity Derivatives: 08:30 - 17:00

What are your banking details?

Bank: Standard Bank (Rivonia Branch)

Branch Code: 001255

Account Name: Intrepid Capital

Account Number: 02303 7598

When depositing funds into the account, please use your unique 6-digit client code as a reference.

Who is the Compliance Officer?

Riaan Loubser


+27 (011) 234 6570

Who is the Chief Dealer?

Tarryn Wright

011 234 6570

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Getting Started

How do I become an Intrepid client?

You can either register online or contact us NOW. After the FICA process, you will be receive your login details, and will be able to start trading.

In which markets can I trade?

  • Equity Derivative Market
  • Interest and Currency Derivative Markets
  • Global Commodity Market
  • Agricultural Derivative Market

What training is provided?

We will provide you with the necessary training to fully understand our DMA platform "Web Trader Pro". Please see "attend a seminar" to see the list of seminars and training we offer.  

What documents do I require to open an account?

Please see FICA requirements 

How long does it take for my funds to reflect in my account?

Once we have received your FICA documents, we register you as a client on the JSE, once we have obtained your 6-digit unique code, we apply for a call account for you at our clearing member. 

Once a call account is created, we send you a welcome letter detailing all the necessary information for you to deposit your funds.

After you have deposited your funds, it takes a least 2 working days before your money is reflected into your account.

Direct Market Access (DMA) Platform and Trade Queries

How do I log onto the DMA platform?

There are two ways in which to access the Web Trader Pro (Our DMA Platform):

  1. Through the Intrepid Capital home page, login in with the username and password provided. 
  2. Go straight to the platform via this link  

Using the same username and password as above 


How accessible is the DMA platform?

You can log into the trading platform from anywhere on a PC, tablet or mobile device with internet access. 

Where do I start?

We suggest you start by creating a watchlist. You can create up to 3 different watchlists.

In the add symbol field type in the name of the share you which to follow. Once completed, click on the magnifying glass and all the possible contracts that are linked to this share appears. 

Always choose the dividend neutral contract (N) and always choose the near contract, i.e always choose the contract with the closest expiry date. For example if it is February you will choose the MAR15 contract.  If it is April, you will choose the JUN15 contract.

Once you have created a watchlist, it is much easier to follow and trade in the contracts you are interested in.


How can I learn about products I am unfamiliar with?

Regular training courses are held at our offices in Rivonia To accommodate individuals, these courses are held after hours. Usually from 17:30 /18:00 to 19:00/19:30 

To book please click here 

Where do I go to place an order?

From your "live watch list" screen, once you have created your watchlist, click the price of the instrument you wish to trade. Click the price either under "bid" or "offer", depending if you want to buy or sell. 

Bid = Buy

Offer = Sell

A order sheet will appear, detailing the bid/offer prices, number of contracts, account in which it will be traded out of, a place to enter the price etc

If I don’t see a price on screen can I still trade?

There are 2 main reason as too why a price would not appear on the screen

  1. Technical Issues: Please look to determine whether you are connected correctly (this can be seen on the top of the screen). It should say Connect: Live feed in order for you trade. If you are not seeing any prices please contact us immediately to determine if there are technical issues. 
  2. Liquidity Issues: If a price for a single contract can not be seen. Prices are usually made by the Banks and at times they can pull the prices without notice. If this happens please contact us and we will request the bank to make a price. Click here

What margin do I have to put down?

Initial margin requirements vary from contract to contract. Please visit one of the following links to determine the margin required:

JSE Equity & Commodity Derivatives Margin Calculator

JSE Currency and Interest Rate Derivatives Margin Calculator

Generic Derivatives Initial Margin Calculator

Apart from the Initial Margin, how much extra cash is advisable to carry the profit and loss?

Initial Margin is the minimum amount required to open a position on the market. Given that variation margin will likely be required at some point, it is advisable to hold more cash than initial margin in your account to fund theses variation margin calls. Note that variation margin funds are required to clear by the following business day by 11:30am.

What are the fees for trading?

Please email us to receive the fee schedule

What real time information does Web Trader Pro provide?

Our front end provides real time information on the following

  • Opening balance
  • Start of day cash
  • Daily PNL (profit and loss)
  • Initial Margin
  • End of day Cash
  • Closing balances




Where do I find my portfolio value?

Under "Portfolio" you will be able to view, 

- the order book

- the trades book

- positions

You will also find your portfolio value, available cash, gearing and current total exposure.

Why do I see only 3 lines in the market depth fields?

We show three lines as it takes up a lot of bandwidth and slows the website down which is critical for fast trading.  We believe you will agree that trading at the optimal speed is critical.


What does ‘order type’ mean?

An order can either be ‘limit’ or ‘Market’.

Limit refers to an order with an order price as determined by you.  You limit your order to that price and it will only trade at that price. The risk here is that the market never gets to that price.

Market refers to a price that is the best market price in the market at the time of the order, depending whether you are buying or selling. 

Important Note: Market order is not available in the derivative markets. Please do not choose this option.

What does ‘good till’ refer to?

All orders on futures contracts are good till the end of the day.  Your order is not rolled over to the next day.

Clarify the difference between unrealised profit and loss (PnL) and realised profit and loss (PnL)

Unrealised (Profit and Loss) PnL reflect your intraday PnL positions before you close out any positions. The unrealised PnL becomes realised PnL at close of markets at the end of each day.

When you exit positions during the day, the unrealised PnL becomes realised PnL and will reflect as realised PnL during the day.

Do I get interest on the money invested?

Yes. You will earn interest on both:

  • Initial Margin invested at the SAFEX clearing House (Safcom)
  • Cash balance invested at Standard Bank (your available cash).

Interest is calculated on a daily basis, but is only credited to your account at the end of each month.

How can I withdraw my money?

Withdrawal of surplus funds is possible at any time, but may take up to 3 working days to reflect on your bank account.

Please email a withdrawal request to our compliance officer. Click here

General Questions

What is the JSE Securities Exchange?

The JSE Securities Exchange (JSE Limited or “JSE”) was formerly known as the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and changed its name in 2000.

What is JSE Trustees?

In terms of JSE rules, stockbrokers are not allowed to hold cash in clients’ accounts. Instead, this cash is held in a trust account named JSE Trustees, which is operated by the JSE Securities Exchange on behalf of the stock broking fraternity. 

At NO time is your money held by Intrepid Capital

How safe is my money?

Due to the JSE trustees regulation, Intrepid Capital never holds your money. You money is kept in your personal call account at our clearing member. Our clearing member is Standard Bank.

Password and Other Technical Issues

How many times can I try to log on to the site with the incorrect password before I am locked out?

You can attempt to log on to the site three (3) times with the incorrect password before the system will lock you out. If you are locked out, you will be required to reset your password. To do this, you will have to go to click the RESET PASSWORD link on our homepage and follow the instructions. If you experience further problems after this, please contact one of our consultants for assistance or call (011) 234 6570. 

What do I do if I forget my password?

Please reset your password. To do this, click on the FORGOTTEN PASSWORD link on our homepage and follow the instructions. If you experience further problems after this, please >contact one of our staff members 

for assistance or call 011 234 6570

What do I do if I experience technical problems?

If you have any problems with the platform or believe that your portfolio value, positions etc are incorrect please contact us immediately on 011 234 6570

or email, a screenshot and detail of your problem.