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Equity Futures Contract

Intrepid Capital offers direct market access to the Equity Derivatives Market (EDM), offering our clients an attractive way for investing, hedging or speculating share or Index price movements.

An Equity Future contract is an agreement between two counterparties, where one commits to buy (long) the underlying equity instrument (be it Shares, Indices or International Shares) and the other to sell (short) the underlying equity instrument at a pre-determined price on a specified date in the future. The underlying instrument of a equity future, depends on the type of equity instruments being traded. Types of Equity Futures available include: Single Stock Futures (SSF), Equity Index Futures or International Derivatives (IDX)


Intrepid Capital Provides our Clients with the Access Required to Trade:

  • Single Stock Futures (SSF)
  • Index Futures
  • International Derivatives (IDX)