For clients who have foreign exchange dealings, we are able to offer significant savings and a bespoke service

    Currency Services

    Clients who also have currency exposure and wish to avoid exchange rate risk through covering forward (hedging) are offered a complete, cost effective and convenient solution using JSE listed currency futures and options.

    Complete Currency Solutions
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Intrepid Capital is a specialist derivatives brokerage and a licensed member of the JSE.  We offer true direct market access (DMA) to all the SAFEX markets including; Equity Derivatives, Currency Derivatives, Interest Rate Derivatives, Commodity Derivatives and Agricultural Derivative Products. With "Web Trader Pro", our electronic DMA platform, we provide clients with an innovative, cost effective, and flexible means of accessing these markets. Our team of market professionals are committed to personalised service and meeting our clients expectations.

Intrepid Capital is a member of the JSE Equity Derivatives, JSE Interest Rate Derivatives, JSE Currency Derivatives and JSE Commodity Derivatives markets.

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We specialise in currency, equity, interest rate and commodity derivative structuring and trading. We aid in developing customised solutions for your financial needs.

We aim to provide our clients with the tools to hedge, invest or trade using derivative instruments. Including one on one guidance, training and expert insight into the derivative landscape.

 Our clients have direct real-time market access to the JSE Derivative Markets, through an innovative, flexible and easy to use trading platform.

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